In her black lacy panties, Maya sits on nice round balloons. She
straddles & rides them relentlessly until the overworked latex
can't take the pressure anymore! These clips are excellent, with great
popping finishes!


Beth is red, white, blue, and . . . bouncy! This happy girl takes a
ride on a huge red round, straddling and sitting on it. She squeezes
the balloon with her knees and lovely thighs, making the glossy latex
stretch and bulge with her every move. If she doesn't watch what she's
doing, it just might pop on her!


Kuba does a sexy bum bounce, highlighting the contrast between a giant
white balloon and her red thong. The beautiful, tightly inflated round
bulges under her weight as the neck strains with every bounce. She
also has some fun with an equally overworked blue balloon. This is a


Blonde-haired Jess is a little nervous about straddling this red
balloon at first, but she gets into it soon enough. As she moves, the
glossy red latex strains under her body, threatening to burst with her
every move. Lots of good neck shots in this one!